Issue 56: Deplorable Technology

History sure has a way of catching up with the future and we’re going to learn a whole lot about that in this issue. But I remain mystified how a staggering amount of people continue to cling to the obvious false hope coming from the cast of characters that make up what I refer to as ‘Cyberpalooza Gang’. Don’t get me wrong, this is a well intended gang with all the hope that thecyberholes they are travelling down will produce results. For all I know, some of them may be in on the plan and they’re merely playing the role in which they have been cast. But for the large majority they’re pawns being sacrificed as part of a broader strategy on a more complex chessboard. Lindell, Fann, Rogers, Waldron, Pulitzer….and the list goes on.

Although previously stated in some of my other issues I want to restate the following one last time:

  • You will never see actual audit results that amount to anything consequential.
  • You can search high and low, and you will never find a PCAP.
  • Nothing of any actionable significance will happen prior to the 2022 midterm elections….nothing.
  • I have no problem being wrong.I’m hoping light bulbs are coming on but with that in mind, let’s dive in…..

The number of gears in motion at this moment are too many to count but believe it or not many of those gears are working in our favor. It’s just one surreal story line after another and trying to keep up is tasking to say the least. I know issue 55 was somewhat dark but hopefully it also gave us a sense of not only the enemy but of our how perseverance and patience. In this issue we are going to tackle 3 big topics that require getting under the hood quit a bit in order to make it crystallize. And then in issue 57 we’ll tackle the last two in addition to understanding how the victory parade gets formed and who’s invited.

Ready, set, go…

There as really no way of knowing that a smooth-talking Senator from Illinois who became President would forever be linked with the ultimate computer nerd that through sheer happenstance would be one of 7 people on the planet with a key to all of cyberspace. Yet, that is where we are. Back at the beginning of October 2016 President Obama did what many considered at the time to be an act of complete surrender when he decided to cede control of the entire internet to a non-profit global entity referred to has ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).page5image1643288896