“These injections work differently than a traditional vaccine where you inject a protein antigen into the muscle that may circulate throughout the body. The nano-lipid particles deliver mRNA into cells, which then codes for the spike protein to be made. The full length spike protein is a membrane protein, so scientists said that it would remain in the cell membrane and would not be excreted from cells.

However, we now know that is not the only thing that happens.

The spike protein is cleaved by enzymes, separating the part that keeps it anchored in the cell membrane from the rest of the protein. Once cleaved, the spike subunit can leave the cell and enter into circulation. Traditionally, the amount of protein antigen injected via a vaccine is quite low. However, the stabilized mRNA in these injections forces the body to create billions of spike protein, many of which then enter circulation.

The body mounts an antibody response to the spike protein AFTER the second injection. This does not stop production of the spike protein, but will neutralize spike protein that is made. The problem is that parts of the spike protein are similar to more than 20 human proteins. Thus, the antibodies that you make against the spike protein cross-react with your own tissues. The second injection causes your body to ramp up production of antibodies to the spike protein, which may than attack many of your tissues…such as your heart, causing myocarditis.

So, even though the second injection does result in neutralization of a lot of the spike protein, it will also cause an autoimmune attack on the body in many people.

Interestingly, when your body is dealing with SARS CoV-2, it avoids making antibodies to the spike protein (or culls them), likely because it has a mechanism for sensing that they will cross react with important proteins in your body. Thus it preferentially makes antibodies to other portions of the virus that will not cause autoimmunity. However, the injections force your body to make so much spike protein that the body is pretty much also forced into generating antibodies against the spike protein.”