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Mike Lindell promised that an election integrity lawsuit would be filed in the Supreme Court by Thanksgiving. In ‘Help Save Our Country, Please Share Everywhere,’ Lindell announced a Livestream event with “96 hours of thanks, hope, and information” to go along with the filing. “[We’re] taking apart the biggest crime in history,” Lindell said. As of this writing, no lawsuit has been filed.

The Livestream will center on “Unpacking the Historic U.S. Supreme Court Complaint on the 2020 Election,” according to a promotional flyer posted to Lindell’s Telegram room. The ‘Thanks-A-Thon’ runs on from midnight on Wednesday until midnight on Sunday, Central time.

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  1. I am getting confused about him and Lin????/ any thoughts are appreciated. How could it be heard, when I keep hearing only Thomas in Supreme Court? I think I read this is needed for military to come in. All 3 branches not doing job?

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