President Biden Threatens to Throw Supply Chain Crisis Into Further Chaos with Another Federal Vaccine Mandate 

  • President Biden has once again lied about not issuing federal vaccine mandates and threatens to throw the U.S. supply chain into further crisis by requiring that “essential, nonresident travelers crossing U.S. land borders, such as truck drivers, government and emergency response officials” be “fully vaccinated” for Covid-19 by January 22.
  • “Essential travelers entering by ferry will also be required to be fully vaccinated by the same date,
  • “Travel is critical to getting our economy fully reopened. America’s truckers, shippers, pilots, and delivery men and women play an important role in delivering the goods needed to keep our economy going,”  
  • Biden’s newest federal vaccine mandate will only aggravate the supply chain crisis further, which will increase inflationary pressures on the U.S. economy.

NEW – 37% of U.S. trucker drivers “not only said ‘no,’ but ‘hell no'” to Biden’s vaccine mandate, CEO of the American Trucking Associations says.

More and more people are waking up. 75% of Americans say inflation is affecting them and they’re blaming Biden.

Over 75% Of Americans Say Inflation Is Affecting Them Personally, Poll Shows. Nearly 60% Blame Biden

  • Almost 80% of Americans say that inflation is impacting them personally, a new poll shows, with 57% blaming President Joe Biden.
  • The Yahoo News/YouGov poll also found that inflation was the top issue on Americans’ minds,  just a small minority of Americans, 18%, say that Biden is doing enough to address inflation, which is at its highest rate in decades.

Turkey (the country, not the Thanksgiving bird) is collapsing. Inflation is hitting there and Apple suspended their store.

Apple Customers in Turkey Can No Longer Purchase Devices From Official Stores After Lira Crashes 

  • Apple has temporarily halted online sales of some of its devices on official stores in Turkey after the country’s currency, the lira, crashed 15 percent on Tuesday against the dollar.
  • Currently, consumers looking to purchase Apple products including iPhones and Macs from the official Apple store in Turkey are able to view the products on the website. However, customers are unable to add the devices to their virtual shopping cart at this time.
  • Consumers can, however, still view and purchase such products from popular e-commerce sites in the country, including Hepsiburada and Trendyol. Apple has not officially announced that it has temporarily suspended sales in the country and it is unclear when consumers will be able to purchase the company’s products again.

The Dollar Tree will change to The $1.25 Tree because of inflation. Supply chains are threatened by the vaccine mandate. The [DS] is panicking, they are losing the narrative and people are either resigning, getting fired or not seeking re-election.

Bidenflation Causes Dollar Tree to Raise Prices by 25 Percent to $1.25

  • President Joe Biden’s 30 year-high inflation has caused Dollar Tree to raise prices by 25 percent on the majority of its products, the company announced Tuesday.
  • After 35 years of offering consumers, often “low-income consumers,” everyday products for just a dollar, Dollar Tree customers will have to fork over 25 percent more money, or $1.25, to purchase the majority of goods sold in Dollar Tree stores.

Biden’s Secretary of Energy Has No Idea How Many Barrels of Oil US Consumes Per Day as Biden Taps Strategic Reserve (VIDEO)

  • Joe Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm   said she has no idea how many barrels of oil the US consumes a day.
  • Biden announced the release of 50 million barrels of emergency oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat high energy prices ahead of the holidays.
  • And his own Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has no idea how much oil the US consumes per day.

The people are awake and thinking logically.

‘There is Serious Talk All the Way Up the Chain’ That Joy Reid is About to Be Fired at MSNBC: Report

November 24, 2021

Reid recklessly spun the Rittenhouse case as a racially significant trial that was a throwback to the Jim Crow era, when the facts of the case showed it was more about a young man who felt obligated to defend his family’s community from destructive rioters.

But there is a more powerful reason why the chatter about Reid’s imminent cable news demise might have more legs this time around. The race-baiting shtick isn’t working. And her show’s ratings are now in the sewer, along with her incendiary rhetoric.

Parnell exit threatens to hurt Trump’s political clout

The election fraud is now spreading from state to state and the people are demanding forensic audits. Five were charged for election fraud in Wisconsin. Mike Lindell files a SCOTUS complaint and is waiting for AGs to sign on.

Trump says that Space Force is very important. Trump and the military caught them all.

Lets talk about Kyle Rittenhouse case, because the fake news continues to push fake information, that Kyle crossed state lines with a weapon.

Has Harris, Biden visited the families yet, didn’t they speak with floyds family, why is this different?

Prince Andrew accusations excluded from Ghislaine Maxwell-Epstein trial

Ghislaine Maxwell is fighting to prevent jurors from seeing a copy of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘little black book’ at her criminal trial. 
Her lawyers say the book, which lists people said to be connected with the dead pedophile financier, has been tampered with. Prosecutors say they plan to bring a witness who can testify about the contacts book’s authenticity. — @Qtah_17

Prosecutors seem very serious about this case the more I look at it. They do not want the public to get mixed up with them prosecuting Epstein. They want Ghislaine head on. 

Ghislaine is panicking over just about every court proceeding there is; bail, deals, witnesses which tells me she understands that the prosecution has a strong case against her. 

The fact that she is willing to take a deal tells us that she is already willing to talk but the prosecutors will settle for that later. Her family is doing all they can to appeal for her freedom which means they also understand how bad it is. 

For those of you saying this is a nothingburger. I recognize a few of the same people that were saying the exact same thing about the Rittenhouse case as well. 

There are those who search for information and put the pieces together and there are those who have a negative outlook on everything. Beginning to look like some are paid trolls who are paid to contribute to the doom and gloom.  — Qtah


  •  Last month, several local and federal law enforcement agencies participated in a child sex operation known as “Deja Boo” netting 30 suspects.
  •   The operation led to the filing of child sex related crimes on 30 individuals through the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Retirement Just Got Very Real — And People are Noticing Her Blatant Hypocrisy

  • “Nancy Pelosi just went into contract to buy a Florida oceanfront mansion listed for $25,000,000,” Gabe Hoffman said. “Just checked with top broker in area who confirmed this information: 10,000 sf property on Jupiter Island just changed to ‘pending’ on MLS.”
  • Indeed, Pelosi is not the only wealthy Democrat Party politician who has whipped up climate hysteria while purchasing beach front property.
  • Climate guru Al Gore bought an $8.9 million ocean front villa in secluded Montecito, California in 2010.
  • Former President Obama has ocean front property in both Hawaii and in Martha’s Vineyard. Here is the Obamas’ oceanfront estate in Waimanalo, Hawaii, which was granted an “environmental exemption.”

NOW – WHO’s Tedros says is concerned about “false sense of security” that vaccines have ended the pandemic.

they are loosing the narrative, people are waking up, that is why this message was released, their plan is failing

So what are they telling the [DS] players in each country, lock them down, take control