The CIA ran the Op out of the American Embassy in Italy. They routed traffic through the Frankfurt Servers which sent directives to both China/Iran Hackers (Votes) AND The US Conspirators (Ballots). 

Not sure if Germany had knowledge but Italy – China – Iran did. An “Act of War” and Everyone in US committed TREASON.

Following Q posts and other research here is what I believe happened – the CIA satellites were used in elections past to cook the books in real time (2008-2014). Military Intel and NSA disabled them on Nov 3 2016 (shocked Hillary ran to the woods for a month) Mr. T took them (satellites) out permanently once in office. That is what forced the CIA to use Italy’s Satellites (Leonardo) in 2020. — Joe Lange

Plus legitimate ballots were marked. – Free the Sheeple

As many have said —It will be the child sex trafficking that will wake everybody up …it is the universal problem that everyone is behind…And when people discover really what’s going on it will wake them up..IMO

Those who know cannot sleep.– Q