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…Massive Spit ball (my apologies)

I know I’m out on an island believing that the Supreme Court will overturn the election but let me do my best to convince you.

I base my theory on two things.

First, that Trump not only knew they would cheat but the plan was to let them steal it so we could be right where we are right now.

Second, that Trump is a big thinker and isn’t focused on overturning the election but instead is trying to safeguard all elections far into the future. Hundreds of years from now.

This isn’t about another four year election.

He’s giving the power back to the people.

If you agree with that then let me ask you some questions.

1) If Trump knew they would cheat and have to cheat massively to overcome his landslide, did he prepare for it? Did he set the trap and gather all the evidence?

2) Does the military have all the evidence?

It’s the crime of the century, maybe in the history of our country.

At any time Trump and the military could expose it and the game would be over.

But they haven’t.


Here’s what I believe has been the plan all along and it involves the Supreme Court.

The first clue was Trump sending his lawyers to testify not before the Supreme Court but the state legislatures with evidence of fraud.


The Constitution says state legislatures have plenary power over elections. They have complete power over elections. Presidents, Congress, Governors, State Attorney Generals, Secretary of State’s or election officials have no power over them at all. Neither do judges.

Remember that.

The founders made sure that the people at the local level who live in their communities could be held accountable for one of the most important freedoms we possess.

The right to choose who will represent us in this representative republic.

Trump’s lawyers testified before the state legislatures with evidence to encourage them to take back their sole right to govern elections.

He’s guiding them while also re-educating us on what the original constitution says that we have gotten so far away from.

So many election fraud cases were brought before the Supreme Court and they tossed them all without seeing the evidence.

It doesn’t matter that we know there’s a lot of evidence of fraud, there is only one group with standing before the courts when it comes to elections.

State legislatures.

The Supreme Court not taking those cases in my opinion is a good thing not a bad thing and is part of the plan to restore the constitution to protect all future elections.

All the states certified the elections in their states. Judges don’t get to certify or decertify elections. Only state legislatures have the power to do that.

I also believe that has been the plan all along which is why Q back in 2018 mentioned one county in the whole country when he talked about election fraud.


Coincidence it was the first forensic audit in our country’s history or part of the plan all along?

The forensic audit is complete. The public has only seen a snapshot which was talked about at the hearing before the Arizona Senate.

There’s lots more detailed evidence we haven’t seen.

The AG is doing a criminal investigation into it right now.

Brnovich is a bulldog. Look up his history. There are no leaks coming from his investigation much like Durham.

As AG his job is to prosecute crimes.

Can you imagine the political earthquake when he indicts election officials in Maricopa county?

The evidence will force the state legislature to act. They will see the evidence and have no choice but to decertify.


Because the people of Arizona will rise up and demand it as the evidence is laid out. Power to the people and restoring the constitution as designed.

When Arizona decertifies their election they will take a case to the Supreme Court.

Not to decide the winner.

That’s the mistake people are making.

They think the Supreme Court will decide the winner and that’s not in their power to do.

The Arizona state legislature will not ask them to decide who won Arizona but instead will present evidence of a national conspiracy to steal the entire 2020 election by the democrats with help from foreign countries like China.

Fraud vitiates everything.

The Supreme Court will not only take the case cause the Arizona state legislature has standing but will actually see all the evidence and will have no choice but to rule on it.

They will follow the constitution and won’t decide the winner, instead they will toss the entire election as fraud.

At that point the military according to the constitution takes over temporarily until a new election can be held.

Military is the only way.

I believe Biden and the democrats will refuse to step down which automatically triggers a constitutional crisis and gives the military the green light to remove them all.

So the Supreme Court will not decide the election, they will uphold the constitution.

Two last points.

It’s a clue that the Supreme Court hasn’t yet seen the evidence of fraud in their court. It needs to be a state legislature bringing that evidence before them. It will only take one with evidence of a conspiracy.

Second is this, everything Trump is doing is to set the entire Judicial Branch of government back to following the constitution as written.

We’ve gotten a long way from that and if you look at the big picture you will see so much “precedent” being set in the Judicial Branch of government that the democrats have corrupted for so long.

Rittenhouse ruling reinforced the right to defend ourselves with arms.

Weinstein, Smollett and Maxwell, three untouchables now convicted.

All the lawsuits Biden has lost on his EO’s and mandates limiting the power of the federal government and protecting states rights.

Also the many class action lawsuits against mandates being won.

All of this is setting judicial precedent for our future to restore the constitution.

I believe this has been a military plan long before Trump. Their plan was always to have the American people awaken and take back their rights at the local level. It’s happening. The people are now starting to exercise their power locally.

The Supreme Court was always an important part of the plan to restore the Constitution and the power of the people.

Trump placed three nominees on that court knowing what was coming.

This is going to not only expose a massive conspiracy and treason but will set future precedent to protect all elections going forward.

Remember Kavanaugh being questioned about enemy combatants?

Ask yourself this question.

If the democrats can see what’s coming but can’t stop it then don’t you think the Supreme Court justices also know what’s coming?

My bet is they do and will follow the constitution when it comes to the crime of the century.

All just my opinion