by Joe Lange, Spitballers, Telegram:

Part 1

Spit ball

Trump: “I Take All Of These Slings And Arrows Gladly,” “So We Can Have Our Country Back”

Q mentioned several times about Game Theory

We are in a war.

It’s a war being waged daily in the media for the hearts and minds of humanity, not just Americans.

We play a major part in it.

We’ve been red pilled and we know it’s a war and who the real enemy is. 

We are Flynn’s digital soldiers on the media battlefield.

The whole purpose of Q was to inform us of the truth so we can take that truth and spread it on social media and through word of mouth in order to battle the constant daily lies being fed to us by the enemy’s greatest weapon.

The whole purpose of Q was to inform us of the truth so we can take that truth and spread it on social media and through word of mouth in order to battle the constant daily lies being fed to us by the enemy’s greatest weapon.

Truth is our weapon and we have done a great job of destroying the media narrative on just about everything.

It was a military intelligence operation and it was called The Great Awakening.

The enemy’s greatest fear is the masses awakened to them.

That is our role in this war.

But there are many players in this war and they have different roles to play if we are to achieve victory.

Trump stated his role.

He’s taking all the arrows.

He’s sacrificing himself as the target in order to expose the hidden enemy.

It’s a brilliant strategy cause he is Teflon Don.

The enemy cannot separate his supporters from him no matter how hard they try cause we know who the real enemy is and how high the stakes are.

But there are others playing key roles.

Some are politicians who have a history that makes us all place them in the enemy camp.

But things have changed.

Trump knows all the corruption and who are the real enemies and who he can leverage and flip in order to win this war.

Two examples are Graham and McConnell.

Prosecuting them for their crimes is not as important in this war as it was to flip the whole Judicial Branch in our favor.

McConnell pushed through all Trump’s judges in record time and Graham made sure Trump’s three Supreme Court picks were confirmed.

We are seeing the fruit of this play out in major cases around the country.

What I believe we have to avoid is what’s called “friendly fire”. 

I believe we saw that happen this week with the Cruz attack. The enemy can take a single line out of context and trick us into bashing one of our own. Think what you will about him but he has a great skill set that is a valuable asset in this war and will be needed as more evidence against the media narrative is leaked. He was one of the first objectors against the Arizona electors on Jan 6 and people have forgotten that. Plus, the left hates him more than any Senator.

The enemy’s strategy is simple.

They want to divide us.

Q warned us about that a lot.

Divided we are weak, together we are strong.

If they can get us focused on each other instead of them then they win.

The hidden enemy’s greatest fear is to be exposed.

As red pilled digital soldiers we have been recruited for one fight. That is to fight the media narrative with truth.

We need to stay focused on the media. That’s our battle and the enemy we engage daily.

Let’s don’t carry their water for them.

It’s also important to recognize that this media battle is not being waged in order to win us.

We are already red pilled. Both sides understand the fight is over the normies who don’t know all the things we do. 

Patriots can be doubtful, get discouraged or be down right angry because things aren’t happening fast enough but they will never go over to the enemy side. Trump knows that when the election is overturned, the enemy corruption exposed and mass arrests happen, they will all be back on the bandwagon.

The fight right now is to win the normies.

Something to realize is that when Trump speaks, a lot of what he is saying is for that audience. They most likely didn’t like him for whatever reason but they don’t like what the democrats are doing right now.

Trump has taken those arrows from the media so that the media lies can be exposed to the normies.

It’s working.

When the election was first stolen the media nonstop painted Trump as a sore loser and the election the most secure in history.

Part 2

The latest polls show over 70% of Americans think there was cheating in the election and over 30% of democrats.

Truth is winning my friends and we haven’t even had the big reveal yet.

Finally, some helpful tips.

Whenever you hear Trump speak or read his statements, 

try to see them through a normie’s eyes cause they are his main target audience and his objective is total destruction of the democrat party and weakening it so that there aren’t violent riots around the country as the crap hits the fan for the enemy.

Also remember Trump often purposely uses deception in order to distract and confuse the enemy.

Sessions is a perfect example. While everyone focused on the Trump bashing of Sessions for “doing nothing”, he [Sessions] was busy launching the largest criminal conspiracy investigation in our country’s history.

He doesn’t get any credit for that but I bet he doesn’t care. He’s a patriot and will gladly take the arrows just like Trump in order to save the country.

It was a more important objective to launch the investigation in secret and conduct it as long as possible under the media radar than it was to get credit for it.

It was also important to create a narrative of separation between Trump and his DOJ so that when indictments start dropping the media can’t paint it as Trump going after his political enemies.

I’ve said it a million times.

Deception is required in war.

Let’s keep the big picture view in mind so we can’t have our emotions manipulated and we won’t get distracted from the important role we play in this war which is a fight for the narrative in the minds and hearts of others.

As Q said