Game theory 

How do you expose a hidden enemy?

You need them to step out into the open.

Take the stage.

Then you can target them and take them down.

We are only at the beginning.

Trump knew the enemy plan for China to launch a virus on the world in order to push a pandemic so they could set up the steal of an election they knew they couldn’t win.

Trump already knew who funded that man made virus in China.

How do you expose it all?

Place the man behind it front and center.

Place him on center stage.


How many people do you think knew the name Fauci before this plandemic?

How many know that name and face now?

Trump already had the evidence of crimes against humanity by Fauci when he put him front and center on Covid.

But people needed to put a face to all this medical system corruption that was used to steal an election.

That was very important.

You see Fauci wasn’t a very well known name before Covid but he’s not the real hidden enemy Trump and the military are targeting.

Fauci is a “doorway” to the real hidden enemy.

A very wealthy American family that stays out of the limelight but controls medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, advertising and media along with government regulators of all things medical.

The Rockefeller’s and their ultra wealthy foundation controls things through donations.

Legalized bribery.

The Bible warned us of money. Our entire medical system has grown to love money more than ethics and morality.

Fauci is just a pawn.

But to the normies who think the entire medical system works to heal and help people, he is the doorway to the puppet masters.

Slowly the normies are being exposed to Fauci’s lies and corruption.

When he goes down,the normies will question everything about the medical system.

The perfect opportunity for Trump to introduce the puppet masters controlling Fauci and everyone else.

That’s when he’ll force the Rockefeller’s to be on center stage for all to see.

When that happens Trump will be president again and the gloves will be off.

There won’t be anywhere for them to hide.

Hunters become the hunted!

–Joe Lange, Spitballers, Telegram