When does a bird sing?

News reporter talking about the weather and bird is on top of the outside camera.

And this…

To recap today:

-Biden’s Mandate is DEAD

-Dem’s Voting Bill is DOA in Senate

-Manchin and Sinema won’t vote to alter filibuster rules

-Oath Keepers Indicted for J6/Trump Team effectively cleared

-Maxwell gives up fight to conceal John Does

-J6 Cmte subpoenas Alphabet, Meta, Reddit and Twitter

-Dr Malone reveals consultation with DOD JAGs 

-Congress members seeking more docs re: Covid origins

-Soros Atty in Maryland Indicted

-Prince Andrew stripped of patronages and titles

-Zuckerberg court ordered to be deposed massive lawsuit

Did I miss anything?

WHAT. A. DAY!  🍿😎🍺

Four years ago to the day…