This message is for the doomers who constantly comment that Trump’s statements are “all talk, no action” or “he always says the same thing”… 

Trump has to make these statements. He needs to be constantly reminding the world where he stands on everything, over and over. Most of his statements aren’t meant for those of us who are awake. They are for the rest of the world. He needs to make sure EVERYONE knows his position before the shit hits the fan – whatever & whenever that may be. 

What if he just remained silent and didn’t say anything? What if he didn’t hold rallies? How would you feel then? 

So take a deep breath and try to enjoy it. You have a front row seat to a moment in time that will be written into the history books and talked about 1,000’s of years from now. 

The best is yet to come 🇺🇸

—The Storm Has Arrived, Telegram