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JJmil (Telegram):

“My theory basically hasn’t changed.  In a nutshell…. The military monitored the illegal activities for years.  They could have stepped in in 2016, but instead recruited Trump to carry out a well-planned sting operation. Trump came into office and put into place devolution and COG.  During a meeting with military at the White House in 2017, he said, “It’s the calm before the storm,” because I believe he knew exactly what was coming.  I believe it was necessary for Trump to step aside as part of the plan.  

China committed an Act of War with a bioweapon and an attack on our election, and installed an illegal puppet regime in the US.  I think the events of J6 & J20, were when the actual “occupation” took place, with the hostile overthrow of our govt.  I believe that was the triggering event that devolved the govt to military control.  

Trump sought every legal & constitutional remedy through the courts & Congress, prior to devolving to the military.  The Law of War manual’s rules of engagement kick in automatically after a hostile takeover, as soon as our country is occupied.  At the precise moment that an illegitimate invader was sworn in, the US was under “occupation”, with Trump having walked away. Trump is on the sidelines working covertly with the military. Therefore, I believe it’s a contingency operation, which is conducted by the military during war or when a President has declared a national emergency.  

We are at war.  Trump declared war.  He said, this was the worse attack we’ve ever had, worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than the World Trade Center.  I believe when the country is at war, the military is obligated to follow our Laws of War.  Once it devolves to the military, that puts us under “military law” NOT civilian law, until such time as the sovereign civilian govt is restored.  Therefore, IMO we are already operating under MILITARY LAW, and the military is following the Law of War.  The military takes an oath to protect & defend against all enemies, foreign & domestic, so they must comply with the laws of war, particularly when the civilian govt has been ousted.

The “military occupation” in the LOW refers to the US military operation, to oust the enemy (Biden/China).  The military will exercise martial law, during which arrests will be made. Under martial law, military authority replaces civilian authority, and, the military operates police, courts, and legislature instead of the civilian government, as an interim temporary measure.  I believe Trump may have issued a PEAD for the Insurrection Act to quell potential violence during this time.

I think the military is waiting for official information or a triggering event that will remove Biden’s illegitimate occupation.  IMO it could include such things as decertifications, 25th amendment, or the unsealing of indictments / arrests by Durham. When the US military operation is completed at “End of Occupation.”  I believe Trump will be reinstated as the rightful President.  Just my opinion.

A responding opinion:

Hello, I too have asked myself that question for a long time now and then I read the Law of War Manual and listened to the Devolution series by Patel Patriot and I came to realize there were certain laws and time lines that have to happen before the military was legally able to act.

They had to ensure that what ever they have to do is done legally under the law so they could not be held accountable for warm crimes in the future. Every move has been calculated and planned for a long time.

The law is that the occupying entity, the ” Biden regime” planted by the cabal legally had one year to disclose who they were working for and if not then after 1 yr and 1 second later they became a belligerent (hostile or aggressive) enemy of the people. At this point the military is legally able to come in and recover the government of the people for the people.

Taking down the cabal and the deep state is NOT a quick thing to happen overnight. Yes it’s been a year already but this evil has been spreading its tentacles for many years across many nations and to get to the head of the snake is a big job! Just cutting off the tentacles will not rid us of the evil. It must be destroyed from the bottom up!

Have patience and God says FEAR NOT! God has given us the gift of discernment and we must use it to make it through this war with our faith and sanity intact! Please understand the devil is real and he does want complete worship from everyone on this planet and he is devouring whomever he can to get it! We must stand strong as God’s children and defeat this enemy with our prayers to God for forgiveness of our sins as the sinful world we become. His word says if we will turn from our wicked ways, confess our sins and pray for his mercy and forgiveness, he will hear our prayers and heal our land! God bless our world.

–Christian Woman, Telegram

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Okay once/IF (big if) those decertifications happen in Wisconsin….. what’s the next EXCUSE going to be for NOT A DAMN THING being done???

    WE the people should have NEVER listened at the first mandate. Should have raised up in mass and put this shit down.

    There are a lot of supporters that have given up and lost ALL hope including some old veterans that are too old to fight, too proud to live under communism-Gee thanks ! Keep playing pussy foot under the fucking table with each other while keeping everyone bullshitted until there’s no point of return…..

    My my how easy was that???? Captured the USA without a shot fired.

    Point is…. NO ONE IS GOING TO DO A DAMN THING, especially not Durham, why would he? Drawing all that $ for nothing. Not the military, not Trump. They are all placating the people. Last glimmers of hope fading fast here. Talk about causing people to commit suicide….. y’all cheerleaders are the cause of most of it right now…. soon, soon oh it’s going to happen…… we’ve been stupid to sit still for this bullshit this long. Can bull shit folks much longer. But then again once we’re all captured you won’t have to huh?

    All you something’s happening, and soon, and Trump’s coming, and military coming cheerleaders out there will have played a big part in the demise. Guess you already knew it tho…. I just wonder what YOU were promised to keep you still.

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