On the flight home, I was required to wear a mask or I wasn’t going to be allowed to fly. So in my own way, I protested, writing this message on my mask: “I hate wearing this. Under Duress.”

One of the first to board, I sat in an aisle seat. I was happy to see the number of people who boarded after me smiling at my mask message, giving me a wink or a nod, and thumbs up. It’s evident we all hate being forced to were the damn rags. Even the flight attendant who leaned in and discreetly whispered that she hated wearing it too.

It saddened and infuriated me to see all the little ones masked up too. For hours at a time. Disgusting.

“I hate wearing this. Under Duress”

Now this:

Utah mom says she was kicked off American Airlines flight because toddler daughter pulled off mask

She just wanted to get home, bogged down with luggage and a cranky two-year-old – days after her first flight had been canceled. But a single mother from Utah says she was thrown off an American Airlines flight after a dispute about her toddler’s mask.

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