It is a dreary day here in Central Florida. Bouts of heavy rain ahead of a cold front pushing through that will drop temps to a high in the 40s along the coast this weekend. (Sounds like a weather report, doesn’t it?)

Too bad for the folks who picked this week to vacation in “sunny” Florida. January can be a hit or miss proposition, weatherwise. Those arctic jet streams can and do dip down to chill us with freezing temps, especially inland (Orlando) keeping visitors bundled up at the amusement parks.

So… hot coffee is a welcome wake-up as is a hot shower, and I’m in fleece sweats, not much different than my daily attire in our Maine home. I’m looking forward to some warm sun as are many of you, I suspect.

But we’re here, we’re healthy, and eventually the sun will return, perking up our mood and restoring our usual “sunny” optimism.

Bottoms up!