“Among nonhospitalized patients who were at high risk for Covid-19 progression, a 3-day course of remdesivir had an acceptable safety profile and resulted in an 87% lower risk of hospitalization or death than placebo.” (Funded by Gilead Sciences; PINETREE number, NCT04501952. opens in new tab; EudraCT number, 2020-003510-12. opens in new tab.)

Remdesivir outpatient clinical trial funded by Gilead Pharmaceuticals shows positive results.  Do you think that Gilead Pharmaceuticals is objective?  Do you think Gilead pharmaceuticals which stands to make billions on this drug is capable of manipulating data to show positive results? Do you think the fda can be trusted to objectively evaluate the clinical data when 50% of their budget comes from companies like Gilead?

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD