By Jitte in response to Gray:

I’ve often thought about Miramar and I agree, there should be a cleaning out followed by a new election.

Trump walks the talk. And what would it look like if he was reinstated with “at least x number of votes” and then set about reforming the way voting takes place? It must be in place before he can be voted back as president. IMO.

I apologize, that I’m now again the non-American talking about the world and about global war. Having said that, I would like to add a few arguments in favor of a new election.

The Cabal failed their attempted take-over in 09 with the swine flu. Most of all because the media of many countries were still free and conducted critical journalism. So they showed the many deaths and side effects – which led to their bioweapons being withdrawn.

But this time, the Cabal have power over far more media. So most of my fellow Danes think Trump is a dictator. He is totally ridiculed in the media. And my guess is that this is how it is in many countries, where the media is CNN’s little brother, or they just say what they get sent from Reuters.

If there comes a Reuters message that the US military has been deployed because of postulated election fraud and that they have reinstated Trump because, as the military postulate, he got the most votes, then I predict people will be outraged and grumble about “Coup”

Whereas it would look completely different if the military arrested those who participated in the election fraud and arrested those who have participated in Crimes Against Humanity.

Then the media around the world that have received millions from Gates would have no choice but telling facts. They would have to report that Tedros, Schwab, Gates and so many others have been arrested. That the Covid-19 restrictions were all warfare.

And after that shock, they can watch a new election being set up, monitored by the military, 1 day, no electronics. Whereupon the world will see Trump win all 50 states. 

That would unite us across borders. It would be We the People against the Cabal.

You Americans, of course, are most focused on the United States. And you have seen that Trump chose Devolution to avoid civil war.

My hope is that it will happen as I have outlined here. That the Cabal and the media will be removed first.

Optics are important – and my guess is, Trump agrees with that.

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