Peachy 🍑 Grits, [Feb 7, 2022 at 1:30:28 PM]:

Gonna throw my hat in the ring on whether we’ll have another election or Trump will be brought back without one.

I’m with @JdLange  thinking there will be another election held. Trump has said many times that he may just have to win a 3rd time. I think that he is preparing us for another election. 

I also think it will be a while down the road before that election is held. We need the military to step in and arrest everyone first and since they have all the election evidence, it will include people right down to the local level so we’ll need elections across the board.

I looked into what was happening in Myanmar and found this article:

They’ve been under military control since Feb. 2021. After reading the timeline of what has happened there:

I wonder if we won’t be following something similar where the trials for the biden admin and others will have to be held and they will have to be found guilty before a new election will take place. That will give plenty of time for people to step up and run for all offices. If Myanmar will be taking over 2 years to hold a new election, what if that will be also our timeline? If biden and others are arrested soon, there could be trials held and military in control until the 2024 election. We all know they are guilty but trials will still have to be held to show everyone else that they are guilty. That would completely cut Trump out of being to blame for all of that going on. I don’t think they can just say ‘Trump is president’ because many will never see him as the true president if that happens.

CAYA 1 ⭐️⭐️⭐️, [Feb 7, 2022 at 1:32:01 PM]:

Yes! He is talking about the Obama EO and the revisions that DJT did. @patelpatriot needs to check it out!

Peachy 🍑 Grits, [Feb 7, 2022 at 1:32:21 PM]:

@JdLange   Another spitball sparked my brain last night when @JJmil1 mentioned the “Done in 30” Q post. It also ties in with my post yesterday about Myanmar announcing they will be holding elections in August, 2023 and wondering if the US will be following a similar timeline. 30 months is exactly, to the day, the number of months from Myanmar military taking out the government to the month of them holding new elections.

After WWII, once the military was occupying Germany, they began holding elections at the local level early on in the occupation to replace the old nazi government and relieve some responsibility of the military. I’m wondering now if this isn’t what will happen here. Start with new local elections which would return the power to the people quickly and work their way up ending finally with an election at the federal level. (perhaps the 2024 election???) One huge election for all offices would be quite overwhelming and this would immediately start returning power to the people and resizing government. With using only paper ballots, we could all clean out our local governments and state governments quickly and local elections could be held much quicker than a full election for every office.

Biernutz, [Feb 7, 2022 at 1:33:12 PM]:

I have always wondered if Myanmar was the template.