“Not only is the NSA/CIA/US Intel agencies able to hoover up all the electronic comms of billions of people – not just Americans –  because they are sent around via a fiber-optic digital highway unencryted, many of the cell phone companies, social media apps [no matter what they tell you publicly] are cooperating and letting the Deep State have the comms.  A satellite-based internet super-highway on StarLink with end-to-end encryption where comms are sent not over a weakly encrypted fiber-optic middleman service but via a state-of-the-art encrypted satellite directly to private-key-encrypted-device-to-private-key-encrypted-device ends the surveillance.

How do you mass-decrypt an entire space satellite based internet superhighway with billions of people on it where you’d have to crack THREE encryptions to read a single message? Assuming you had the computers that could do it, and the time to do it?

You’d have to crack the satellite code. Then the two devices using the satellite have their own private encryption keys.  Good LUCK.

AWS, Google, they all hand over their decryption to the Deep State.  Their encryption isn’t real.  When you pass your stuff over their networks, unless you and those you are talking to are using a very VERY good end-to-end decryption on your own, they can intercept it and if they want to, they can crack it and read it.

The Starlink satellites are going to have their own encryption. Most of the apps passing through the satellites are going to have encryption.  And if you’re smart, you’ll be using device-to-device encryption, which means only the person you are communicating that particular message to can read it.  The personal keys will also get rid of all the impersonation that’s been happening on social media.

If you were the Deep State faced with a satellite system that completely cuts you off from a new space-based digital internet highway, how pissed off would you be?

Device-to-device encryption that you could probably break if you had time, but imagine an entire internet highway made up of such encrypted comms.

How do you crack it all?  Where would you find the time? Assuming you could do mass-unencryption on the level they’d need to do it?

Gen. Mike Flynn:

These are the issues below 👇🏻 we must be dealing with and NOT the nonsense from some pretenders who throw accusations and insults and frankly, DO NOTHING whatsoever to move the needle further along. All who throw those insults at me and others, you can shove it. My cause is the American cause. Yes, we must fight election fraud at every step and continue to show the American people that if you take your freedoms for granted and you blindly go into the voting booth without paying attention to the election process, we have results such as this past NOV 2020 presidential election. We know (and they know) massive election fraud occurred. Yes we have to fix it and absolutely people must be held accountable all the way up to the highest levels of our government. But we must continue to engage in the civic citizens process that our republic is designed around and that is our constitution. 

This is why I am adamant about LOCAL ACTION = NATIONAL IMPACT!!!

Get involved in your communities like never before. Let’s ensure we continue to fix our (We The People’s) election system. We MUST! But simultaneously, we MUST get ready for the next election, especially the upcoming primaries. Do not wait for the general election. This year’s primaries should result in the highest voter turnout in our nation’s history (and choose wisely)…Seek those candidates that are “America First” candidates who will bring fresh ideas to the local, state and federal levels of government. 

Time to stand up, step up and speak up! And it’s high time for those who offer nothing but whining and complaining to shut up. 

I know where I stand and it is and has always been for this difficult but beautiful experiment in democracy called a constitutional republic. I know what service means and I’ve experienced sacrifice that no American citizen should ever have to experience. In fact, there are far too many sacrifices throughout our history to give up now. 

Thanks for those who support these ideas and to those who don’t, you can go to hell…

FLYNN 🙏🏼🍀🇺🇸