Biden has now made his most serious warning to Russia ever 

He is now threatening to make Putin listen to another Kamala Harris press conference

Gotta say boys this one might just work.

We are now receiving reports Biden has sent a letter to the Kremlin, to be delivered directly to Vladimir Putin

trampled citizens waving the Canadian flag at the capital 

Nothing changes that.

The Kremlin is now holding a public national security meeting about recognizing the independence of the Russian-speaking breakaway regions in Donbass

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov confirms he will meet with Blinken in Geneva on Thursday

Lavrov just compared the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk to NATO’s arguments for Kosovo independence when it broke away from Serbia


Here’s how this goes:

We all know why Antifa cleaned up the shell casings after the shooting in Portland this weekend

The basic dictatorship they tried for decades to implement with climate change is now being implemented under COVID 

They finally found the crisis they were waiting for

The GOP just wished a Happy President’s Day to every past president except Biden

Putin is about to bring up NATO’s actions in Kosovo a whole lot soon

Trump’s military parade would have stopped all of this

BREAKING: Putin has announced Donetsk and Luhansk are transitioning their pronouns and rejects NATO attempts to misregion their self-identities

Can we all at least agree at this point that the UN is a funking joke

Putin: Modern Ukraine was created by the Bolsheviks. Lenin and the comrades cut off part of Russia’s historical territory. Stalin and Kruschev continued this

Putin: “I have never said this publicly but in 2000 I asked Bill Clinton about Russia joining NATO”

Putin has announced Russia will recognize the separatist-controlled regions of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent republics. 

About 3.5 million people

Interesting to see if Beijing backs Moscow on recognition of the Donbass republics

It would be completely at odds with their stance on Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Tibet

Wow I cant believe sending Kamala to Europe didnt work

At this rate the Big Guy’s 10% is gonna get cut to 5

BREAKING: Trudeau, Trampling, Putin, Ukraine, Antifa 

It’s time for your daily briefing

Neither India nor China have joined the US in condemning Russia’s actions today during the UN emergency session

Ukraine to UN: “The UN is sick. It was hit by the Kremlin virus. Russia copy pasted word by word the decree for Georgia, the copying machine in Kremlin works very well. Who is next from the United Nations?”

All Mike Lindell ever wanted was for people to love America and for everyone to get a good night’s sleep