PCE price index came out higher than expected.

Powell and the Fed have yet to speak on it.

Will they today?

This weekend?

Or wait till next week?

Massive turnaround yesterday on massive volume was a lot of short covering expecting worse sanctions on Russia that didn’t happen.

Market up big today on low volume.

That’s not conviction to the upside.

Will it sell off in the last half hour before the weekend?

My guess is it will but we are now forming the right shoulder of the massive head and shoulders pattern on the weekly chart.

Might be a rally into midweek next week is my guess then look out


Question for Joe from Big D: 

How it would look like IF Trump, in his shadow presidency, had said to the normies that corruption is being cleansed in Ukraine? We know the Cabal players are pissed. 

Would you think it would give MSM an ammo and be like “See told ya. Trump’s in bed with Putin”?


There’s no advantage to that. Let it play out. Its making Biden look weak. Why let the media change the narrative and let Biden off the hook?

He’s trying to destroy the democrat party.

All the other stuff will be revealed when it needs to be.


Spit Ball

Money laundering operation in Afghanistan ended.

Money laundering operation in Ukraine in the process of ending.

Future targets?

NATO and the central banks.

NATO is being weakened as we speak.

Central banks are about to be too.

March and April will be a beat down for the enemy


At some point yes. Did you see Credit Suisse is in big trouble with the DOJ and they’ve ratted out Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs on their block trading racket?


I get that but there’s a ton of channels and we get to choose which ones we associate with.

Truth Social will have rules too.

We’re in a war and given the enemy is willing to freeze bank accounts people are probably protecting themselves


I don’t think Putin will use Trump’s EO’s at all


I hope you all are well!

Out of the loop a bit. 

I’m a huge college basketball fan and I’ve been watching great games all day while working and there are great ones still playing.

March madness is one of my favorite times of the year.

When I retire I’m going to be traveling to some of these big games.

Blessings friends


I have loved sports since I was a little kid.

If the games weren’t so good today I would have checked in more.

I’m a political junkie but a sports junkie too.

It has always been my escape.

Baylor is playing Kansas now and it’s turning into another great game.

I’ll have to check out the speech tomorrow.

I had a couple thoughts on spit balls I got brewing for tomorrow too hopefully