What if the enemy decided to overthrow all the governments on Earth under the guise of a medical emergency ?

Here are a couple hidden Truths behind Ukraine the DS doesn’t want you to see: 

– Biden’s aprvl rating record low 37%

– Midterms coming, Red wave coming

– Biden & other D’s use Ukraine as slush fund

– The Freedom Convoy is approaching D.C.

– War cripples population faster than viruses. 

– CB’s out Russia, disrupt global economy

– Brings out “Russia bad” narrative again

– War would quicken the DS’s NWO plan. 

– Russia isn’t dumb, they’re a superpower

– Biden doesn’t understand foreign policy

Do not let the media control you [incite division and hatred for one another by use of propaganda and fear mongering].

You’re not a Russian terrorist for seeing the truth through all the war propaganda.