Archive Anon ponders…

Imagine if something “classified” were to pop up on Truth Social. You could literally just point to half a dozen posts Trump made on Twitter where he publically declared he was declassifying it. 

Wouldn’t violate NATSEC rules one bit.

Sure. Might be worth the time to hunt down all of the times Trump said he was declassifying stuff. I remember a lot of them though not the specifics. The Trump Archive should have everything.

Trump Twitter Archive

All 50,000+ of Trump’s tweets, instantly searchable

Something to keep in mind: Trump posted to Twitter on multiple occasions publically declaring that he would be declassifying certain classes of documents. In many of these cases the agencies wouldn’t comply, and the documents never actually got released.

However, it’s the President that has the power to declassify documents, not the agencies. If Trump declared them declassified, they are declassified indeed.

Now, Imagine if some of these “classified” documents were to pop up on Truth Social. Whatever account dropped them could literally just point to all of the posts Trump made back on Twitter where he, as President, publically declared that he was declassifying this or that material. 

Wouldn’t violate NATSEC rules one bit.

They have the potential to start dropping bombs over there any time they like.