– Donald Trump Won!

– Hillary Clinton Looks like SHIT & she’s still crying about Trump!

– Hunter Biden is a Crack Head & his Father wants to spend 30 million dollars handing out crack pipes.

– The Deep State Cabal rigged the 2020 US Presidential election.

– The MSM is the enemy of the people. They lie about everything.

– China/American deepstaters created & infected the world with a bio weapon, C19.

– The pandemic is about a never ending virus, with the goal of vaccination passports, which eventually adopts a social credit score system (“for mah safety”), which turns the world into a dystopian 1984 hell-hole.

– Arrest “Dr.” Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, George Soros, and the 13 elite family bloodlines for Crimes Against Humanity

– HCQ & Ivermectin are safe & effective drug used to treat and cure Covid

– The Vaccinated are getting more sick than the unvaccinated. 

– These Vaccines DESTROY your immune system.

– We do not have an FDA approved vaccine that is being administered in the United States. 

– Pfizer wants the Safety & efficacy data of their vaccine to be released over a period of 75+ years.

– People aren’t dying at home. They’re dying in the hospitals. Remdesivir is not safe.

– These three C19 vaccines have caused more deaths than all previous vaccines combined since recording data began in 1990.

– The pandemic was also meant to destroy the middle class & the economy to bring about their “Great Reset”.

– Their financial system is collapsing, thus, their power. They want a “Great Reset” so they can bring about the next fake financial system which would include top down government control over every aspect of our lives, where everything you do will be tracked, measured, weighed, & everything can be turned off. 

– Climate change is fake. Weather manipulating technology exists to serve their purpose. Paris Climate Accord is meant to rob America of its remaining wealth. Another fear-porn propoganda agenda. 

– Epstein Island >Playboy Mansion, > Heidi Fleiss, were elite honeypot Operations controlled by C🤡A, to blackmail, entrap, and control world leaders, politicians, and celebrities. 

– Homeschool your children. They are indoctrinating them into an anti-American, socialistic<>communistic belief system. They are being attacked mentally, physically, & spiritually.

– Buy from local farms and butchers.

– Tower 7. Look here, not there. Trillions of dollars gone. Who is Tim Osman?

– We need Term Limits and Voter ID! By law, everyone in congress, including POTUS, should be audited every 1-2 years by an independent agency.

– Make Nuremberg Trials Great Again!!! Treason = The Death Penalty

– Strengthen your relationship with God. God is within us. No amount of darkness can overwhelm the light God bestowed within us.

– The Monopoly Guy had a Fooking Monocle!

– Barrack Obama was born in Kenya and he had $65,000 “hotdog” parties while in the White House.

– Michelle “Big Mike” Obama has balls and the shoulders of a Chicago linebacker. He’s a man. 


That’s the Truth!

–MJ Truth, Telegram