“Ukraine has woven its way into color revolution and attempted coup on American soil since we wrestled this country out of the globalist claw in 2016. It was never supposed to happen. Manafort? Ukraine. Chalupa? Ukraine. Hill? Spygate and impeachment and Ukraine. Atlantic council? Ukraine. Vindman? Ukraine. Even the recent lawsuit filed by Vindman against Jr. et Al reeked of global machinations. Friday on the podcast I said “what did President Trump do to NATO?” All of it ties together. All of It. 

So forgive me when I don’t go out and get a replica Ukrainian flag for my car and home. When every political leader, the media, etc agree, we are being sold a bill of goods. Anyone who agrees with Soros, who houses the majority of his NGO’s in Ukraine is no friend of mine.

I can come up with DOZENS of threads. It’s disgusting.”