Russia Ambassador citing that there are 2 specific Biolabs of interest, of which they claim to have intelligence proving the US DoD funded labs produced biological weapons there. 

Now, you are welcome to not believe the Russian government. HOWEVER, you cannot deny that the US government/media complex tried to cover up that we had biolabs in Ukraine at all. They claimed the labs didn’t exist, this was just a conspiracy theory. Now they say “okay the labs exist, but we weren’t making bioweapons, why would anyone think that?”. Right after we just got done letting out C19. 

The US government have proven themselves to be untrustworthy, far too many times. So forgive me, if I refuse to trust them in this situation. Russia are telling the truth. We were doing shady shit near their border in these labs. 

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Evidence of US-financed biological program in Ukraine revealed by Russian defense ministry

According to the spokesman, information was received from employees of Ukrainian biolaboratories that especially hazardous pathogens: plague, anthrax, cholera, tularemia and other lethal diseases infecting agents had been urgently destroyed on February 24

…”In the course of the special military operation, evidence of the Kiev regime’s hasty measures to conceal any traces of the military biological program finance by the US Department of Defense in Ukraine has been revealed,”

“Ukrainian health ministry issued an instruction to all biolaboratories to urgently destroy hazardous pathogens they had.”


This is why. Because the US/NATO would attempt to cover it up. 

US DoD funded Biolabs in Ukraine, were creating bioweapons. And Russia is not happy about it. 

And the western media smeared me as “Russian disinformation” for suggesting this was one of the main causes for the missile strikes. In fact, they claimed there were no such thing as US funded Biolabs in Ukraine. Claimed all of it was a conspiracy theory.


Merck chief patient officer to retire to become CEO of NIH nonprofit

“Gerberding joined in 2010 as president of the company’s vaccines unit and before that was director of the CDC. She will retire from her CPO and EVP of population health and sustainability posts in May to become CEO of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The nonprofit helps raise funds and manage public and private partnerships for the NIH.”