Nuland Warns Russia May Seize Ukraine Biolabs, Could Stage False Flag Using Bioweapons

“Classic Russian technique…”

Oh. So Vicky, you’re saying there are bioweapons already stored there that could be used for such a purpose?

Anons knew this days ago.

The thing Nuland is getting ahead of is that the whole world is about to know what they were doing in Ukraine (and elsewhere) and the conspiracy theorists proved it in under two weeks.

Somebody needs to tell these two guys that they finally found the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

“I was told that biolabs in Ukraine was a conspiracy theory yet here we are. 

They are now admitting it openly. 

Anons provide the spoiler alerts while the media slowly catches up.

How many times do anons need to be right before sheep start listening?

What does her body language tell you?

Nervous much?