REP. THOMAS MASSIE:  “I’m voting against the oil sanctions bill. Biden has no plan to enable development of traditional domestic energy sources. His plan is to buy oil from dictators in other countries, and to use high gas prices to bludgeon American consumers into adopting a leftist energy agenda.”


When It Comes To Oil, Biden Never Planned To Put America First

If Biden cared about putting America first, he would encourage domestic oil production and lift his restrictions on the oil and gas industry. — THE FEDERALIST

We went from “Russian military and conspiracy theorists claim US is running 30 biolabs in Ukraine” to “Victoria Nuland admits US is running 30 biolabs in Ukraine” in a matter of days. 

Never underestimate anons.

Nuremberg 2.0 is not a fantasy. It will happen.

Something big is coming out of Ukraine soon I believe. We have never seen panic on this scale. Whether it has to do with biolabs and something that changed our lives for 2 years, but we haven’t ever seen the DS cut a country off like this before. Russia has them top shriek! 👀

BREAKING — Russia tells the US “we have found your biological weapons” 👀 

“Their attempts, while spilling blood, to find biological and chemical weapons throughout the world. We have found your own products. We have found your biological material. As it turns out it was all happening in Ukraine.”

We are here.

They are trying to start a war.