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“Also, since when did the US and other world governments begin recognizing false flags as a reality? 

Wasn’t that the greatest conspiracy theory of all conspiracy theories? Now they are claiming Russia are using false flags? 

These people cannot keep up with their lies. Do not be discouraged. They are exposing themselves in real time. 

Did you all expect the US and the deep state puppets to admit Russia is right, and admit to crimes against humanity? No. They will deny everything up until the moment they are swinging from a tree.”

Notice how no country is able to disprove Russian claims. They simply quote US media outlets 😂😂😂 as their source for Russia pushing “disinformation”. 

Allow the rats to expose themselves. Let them all have their statements. Once they are done spewing their bullshit, and exposing their positions, then Russia drops the incontrovertible evidence and they can’t walk back the fact that they all disregarded Russia’s claims before they saw the evidence. 

Be patient.

Russia: *directly accuses US of producing and stockpiling biological weapons, brings evidence and documentation*

US responds: “we aren’t going to address conspiracy theories”. 

Notice how the US has no argument other than claiming Russia is lying. THATS IT! Instead of offering to prove beyond a reasonable doubt these accusations are false, they just deny it and label anything they don’t like as a conspiracy theory.


Everyone who thinks this was going to be resolved today, you need to RELAX.

Do you have any idea how massive that just was? Of course the US and other deep state controlled nations would deny everything, because they are implicated in crimes with the ultimate consequences. 

What we did accomplish, is on the highest diplomatic channel on the planet, Russia presenting their case, and China, Brazil, Mexico, India, Gabon, calling for a cease fire and investigation immediately. 

The US CLEARLY doesn’t want that investigation. If the US were concerned at all with transparency, and truly did nothing wrong, they would be more than willing to cooperate and confirm the allegations are false. Instead, they deny and project.

But look at the big picture and look at the population of the countries calling for an investigation. 

China: 1.4 billion 

India: 1.3 billion

Brazil: 212 million 

Russia: 144 million 

Mexico: 128 million 

Gabon: 2 million

That’s 3.2 BILLION people. Representatives for nearly half of the world population are calling for an investigation into the United States for bioweapons production. This is as good as we could have hoped for. 

This is just the beginning. There is much more to come. These UN talks will continue. More deliberation will be had and there will be mountains of more denial from the US.

Russia knew this is how this emergency meeting would go, as stated by the representative. They have a plan. This is far from over. These allegations are now on the forefront of the world stage.

Relax. Much more to come.


Yup. Just as I suspected they would, the US and the deep state controlled puppets at the UN are simply screaming this is all “disinformation” “conspiracy theories”. 

The UN rep for the USA just claimed there is no bio program in Ukraine and there are no labs there…

This is INSANE after all the direct evidence to prove otherwise. The Biological Threat Reduction Program is not a conspiracy theory. We have the receipts of their messiah, obama, there in 2005 to set up the program. 

They are lying directly to your face. And thus so begins the denial. 

Deny. Conspiracy theory. Deny. Disinformation. Deny. Project. Deny. Rinse repeat.