A poll on Telegram asks:

Regarding the shifting of back & forth between Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time…

Some accept, even like it while others hope someday they lock in on one or the other year round.  What’s your opinion  on ST vs DST?

My take? I like it. I look forward to changing it up twice a year. I love getting the “extra hour of daylight” in the Spring, and knocking it back an hour to get dark and cozy in the Fall.

What about you?

Oh, here are the choices that were given in this poll:

• Like it just the way it is (13%)

• Only like the Daylight Savings Time (31%)

• Only like Standard Time (16%)

• Either one OK by me, but pick one and leave it in Park. (40%)

• Whatever suits me, I never look at the time. (0%)