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The State Department is paying more than $2 million every month to provide 24-hour security for Mike Pompeo? 

Interesting 🤔

…Can anyone say Shadow Presidency?

…Parallel battles in the war.

Military is taking down the enemy behind the scenes and publicly the people are rising up and taking back control of their government beginning at the local level.

The military devolved protects us from a Biden administration that would stop the people from rising up if they could


Selection Sunday

College basketball 

March Madness 

My pick has been Arizona to win it since the beginning of the year.

A sleeper to win it is Tennessee.

The teams with good guard play go far in the tournament and can win it all.

They are a top ten team but superior guard play.

They will be a tough out for anybody


Re:Biden’s Spending 

“The more they spend the faster we get to them red pilling normies and bankrupting the entire central bank system” Joe


That’s interesting. My first thought just reading the headline was that Brnovich doesn’t want the Arizona court to rule on the constitutionality of the case because he’s working on something bigger which is a huge criminal RICO case.

But after reading the article Brnovich is absolutely correct.

The people bringing this constitutionality case do not have standing over elections. It’s representatives of the state GOP, not state legislatures.

Brnovich is trying to follow the constitution and make sure the Arizona Supreme Court is doing the same.

Brnovich is also trying to prevent the media narrative of the Supreme Court taking this case then ruling against it which helps the enemy’s narrative of the election being fine and the Secretary of State being fine in everything she did.

What was very interesting at the end of the article was how it said who AG Brnovich was representing and that Secretary of State Hobbs had retained a private law firm.

What do you want to bet it’s a criminal defense law firm?

This all points to what I’ve been saying a long time now and supports my theory that Brnovich will kick off decertification by indicting election officials in AZ including Secretary of State Hobbs.

Here’s that last paragraph in the article.

“Brnovich is representing the interests of the State of Arizona and his office, while Hobbs is represented by a privately retained law firm. The Justices have announced they will consider the AZGOP petition without oral arguments.”


Yet another great post by Mr TruthBomb


In this film we will look at the recent history of Ukraine that has led to Putin liberating Ukraine from Deep State Neo Nazis.


Good spit ball Cincy!

I agree a lot is happening we may never know about.

The media is still operating but have been weakened greatly. Just look at their viewership numbers.

More and more people are getting their news off social media and Truth Social is about to completely dominate the news there just as things are heating up


I’m not worried then. All the Biden has been able to do is threaten people into compliance.

This was just meant as a threat to shut us up and has failed like everything else


You hit on how to tell.


Don’t go by what they say.

Go by what they do.

Their actions will contradict their words.

Trump said Sessions was a do nothing AG.

Sessions appointed Durham and Huber to start all of these criminal investigations years before we knew about them.

Trump says Barr isn’t doing anything and these criminals are getting away with everything.

Barr expanded Durham’s investigations and protected him by making him Special Counsel.

Barr says right after the election he’s seen no evidence of election fraud.

Barr had secretly launched a criminal investigation into election fraud that had revealed foreign interference.

Trump bashes Milley as a woke TV general then we find out Milley was part of the planning on devolution and COG plans.

The actions tell us the truth.

Everything else is acting and deception in war


Guess who was notified they are now on Truth Social while I was listening to P Gunnels read Biernutz excellent sub stack article?

😊Me… little ol me!✌🏽

Let’s get this party started!

I am going to be a constant red pill dispenser. The more normies the better!

And I’m not leaving Spit Ballers! This is my second home!

I’m gonna leave the back door open friends!

Follow me.