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About the ‘Schuldfrage’.

The question of guilt.

(hat tip to @h53pilot and @Exodus, whose toots crystalized these ideas)

Say that tomorrow the Russians show undeniable proof of bioweapon research in labs in Ukraine. Even complicity in the development and release of Covid-19.

Hard facts, showing development of biological weapons that are engineered to selectively target Slavs with genetic markers that are predominantly exclusive to Russian males. Or insert any ethnicity here.

Pure evil.

And the United States of America will be blamed.

Rightly so. Our Tax Dollars at work.

Just as the Germans will have to carry the shame of Hitler with them, Americans will have to carry the shame of such inhumane and absolutely dangerous research, all over the world.

I have to make 2 important observations, at this point.

(So keep reading, before you get angry at me! :dealwithit: )

First, with a detour. I am born and raised in Belgium, but became a US citizen about 8-9 years ago. Still have the Obama auto-pen signed welcome letter. I am one of you, and I took on your fate, for good or ill, when I made that step.

Yet, I am also an outside, and look at Americans with the eyes and sensitivities of a European. What is obvious to you, to the point you don’t notice or are not aware, is strange to me. And vice versa. An interesting position to be in.

Shortly after I moved to the US, and married my wife (MI born Jersey girl), I had this conversation with my sister-in-law and 2 of my brothers-in-law, both well versed in history, one serving in the US Army. Topic was Nazi Germany.

Could such happen in the US? They claimed, rather adamantly, that it NEVER could. EVER. Arguments went from ‘we are better’ to ‘we have checks and balances’ and ‘our constitution/bill of rights’.

I claimed that it absolutely could happen anywhere. Perhaps not overnight, but with a gradual, step-by-step approach. I pointed at the Milgram Shock Experiment, among other points.

(Read about that here:

I also pointed out how the war on terror had already led to test cases in Europe talking about Christian religious extremists being lumped together with Islamic extremists.

Yet those Christian extremists were defined much more loosely, and included those who opposed gays, abortion, etc. even if they never talked about violence or hatred.

Could be anyone, really. Slippery slope at it finest.

The acceptance of that of the society at large, at that time, is a huge red flag, signaling a decline towards an environment that allowed the Holocaust to happen.

But this time not in 1930s Germany, but in 2000-2010 Western democracies.

The ability to do great good, is always combined with the ability to do great evil. A weak man cannot do great deeds of strength, building a house by himself for a homeless person, but neither can that weak man tear down a house from an enemy.

This is a HUMAN trait, not tied to any ethnicity or nationality. Not even tied to any period of time or even religion. I know Catholic saints, and Catholic sinners, for example.

That conversation was just left, and never fully resolved.

(The current events, seeing how quick Covid could justify emergency powers no one knew our leaders could draw from, would have definitely helped my case.

And the way people are eager to rat out others for not wearing masks, or not distancing, etc. is just scary. We’re much closer to the 1930s than we realize!)

And second, as @Exodus had pointed out: we are, as a nation, as a people, responsible for the leaders we elect and have. Period.

That is part of the social contract we are in, collectively.

It is not always our chosen people that are voted in, but that is the nature of voting: we accept the collective authority given to our leaders: the people has decided.

But if you look at the absolute lack of information we the people have been given, by a media that has been sold completely to the elites, to the point that they became undistinguishable from propagandists, how can we properly assess the candidates, the issues at play, the real concerns people have?

What if primaries are rigged to favor the party chosen candidates? What if the elections themselves are rigged?

“The voter can’t make a credible judgment on people based on lies.” @Exodus wrote.


And add massive voter fraud to the mix, covered up by a complicit media, and things fully change.

At that point, we are victims, and no longer fully responsible. Some of us DID see it, and acted. But without a proper media to spread the word, and drum up the public outrage and support needed to force change, that went nowhere.

(And remember how the Government agencies were weaponized to kill the rising Tea Party!)

So we had to build our OWN news and media channels, a very slow and difficult process, but it is happening.

Others, of course, were oblivious, and believe the MSM narratives. It is hard to believe that our own government would willfully cheat and lie, after all! Or do such crazy dangerous things in secret labs! Or defraud elections on such a massive scale!

In Banana republics, perhaps, but NOT in THESE UNITED STATES! Beacon of FREEDOM! (Granted, that STILL is hard to believe, I think even for each of you, yet here we are).

So here is my conclusion, after my first judgement of guilt, and my 2 observations.

(Assuming that there will be hard, irrefutable proof of US involvement in extremely dangerous bioweapon research and production, as it looks that such DID happen, we already knew about US gain of function, after all).

The US WILL suffer an initial and huge blow. The home of the brave, and land of the free, beacon of freedom, police of the world, bringer of freedom at 600 rounds a minute in oppressed countries all over the world, is unmasked as worse than Nazi Germany, developing race/ethnicity based bioweapons, among other cruel biological and perhaps other weapons.

But the moment that the massive election fraud is proven, fully brought to light, and when the Deep State is unmasked, and with that, also the deep ties with China all over our academics, research, business, and government bodies, we will be able to rise above that initial blame and guilt.

Still, ONLY if we indeed do OUR due diligence, and vote massively, work tirelessly in our local governments and parties.

Show that even though we were victim, we won’t sit back and blame others, but, in true and tested American fashion, took the bull by the horns, blazed our own trails, building a better tomorrow.

By taking responsibility. By apologizing, where needed, for what happened when we did not look, offering our help in repairing.

I fully trust Americans will. It’s in their nature.

Yes, there will be a VERY uncomfortable period ahead for every American, if tomorrow brings real proof of wrongdoing in those labs. A very humbling and shameful period.

Yet, as I see it, we will be able to overcome even that, and come out on top, stronger and better.

We need this storm, to clean up the deposits of the swamp, clogging our systems.

The best, truly, is yet to come.