He is maligned by the Western Media Industrial Complex.

He is hated by the Self-Anointed Elite in Western Nations, from celebrities to political royalty.

He is smeared as a warmonger and a tyrant, a despot and a lunatic, and an embarrassment on the world stage.

He is a threat to someone’s Democracy. Whose quite depends on whom you ask. But he is certainly a threat to it.

He is a corrupt, obtuse, idiodic, mad genius of a megalomaniac who simultaneously clings to relevance by virtue of whipping up a sycophantic, low IQ army of nationalistic drones, or, alternatively wields immense subversive power built over a lifetime of backroom deals, business agreements and leveraged relationships with powerful movers and shakers on the international stage.

He is an irrational, dangerous and chaotic wielder of military power capable of igniting a war that will transform the world into a smoldering ash heap, and he is a cunning, poised and collected student of war, in control at all times, capable of great deception and swift, punishing action in service of unknowable, shifting goals, and who is not to be trusted by the meek inheritors of the New World Order.

He is an open, devout Christian whose only publicly professed fear is in the righteous justice of god, and who publicly decries the subversion of Western youth through popular culture and entertainment.

He is an open nationalist whose public persona is draped in the colors and pride of his nation.

He is a ruthless peacekeeper whose constant ability to thwart open provocations of sovereign borders confounds and enrages the globalist forces arrayed against him. 

He is an unflappable, immovable symbol of strength or terror to those who wish to move him.

If you read over the above list of charges (or attributes, depending on your perspective,) the man you likely came away thinking of is none other than Donald Putin … or Vladimir Trump … or, well, you get the idea.

In the truth movement, for lack of a better term, free thinkers pride themselves on their ability to discern. If each of us can’t have a whole handle on the truth, each is in his or her own way on a pathway to truth through the conscious act of discernment. Ideas are not simply taken at face value, and claims are not accepted without vetting. All theories and presented truths are passed through a filter of cognitive intelligence, Socratic methodology and subconscious intuition in order to arrive at something closer to the unknowable truth than we were at before being presented with said new idea.

In my years engaging with the truth community on an intellectual level, rarely coming out of the shadows to engage directly in the conversation, I have come to the conclusion that a thousand truth-seekers might come to a thousand different versions of the truth when presented with the same underlying premises. Rather than decrying this as a fundamental flaw in the human condition or proof that engaging with the search for objective truth is somehow flawed from its inception, I have instead observed that truth seekers have an uncanny ability to discern what is NOT true far more readily than they can discern what IS true.

As Miyamoto Musashi said in the Book of the Five Rings, “once you understand the way completely, you can see it in all things.” In this way, whether you have arrived at your nexus of truth through a certain letter of the alphabet, Patel’s Devolution Series, SLAG’s Wartime Presidency, Will Zoll’s Prussiagate, NeonRevolt’s musings on the Second American Revolution or that one COVID meme that got the noggin joggin in all the right (or wrong) directions, each of you is particularly wired not to discern truth, but to sniff out and expose lies.

Much like archeologists, the discovery of something tends to be preceded by weeks, months and even years of uncovering what is NOT rather than what IS.

We are not seekers of truth, then, but rather hunters of lies.

Put another way, once a lie is exposed, the truth cannot help but to be closer at hand than it was moments before.

To modify Musashi’s quote a bit for my purposes, once you understand a lie completely, you can see it in all things. And we are most certainly living through a Great Lie. Whether you’re talking about the central banking system that has enslaved nations for centuries in various forms, the supposed dissolution of the Prussian Empire and the Princes of Orange (who are very much still with us,) the rise of the New Bolsheviks under the guise of the modern Woke agenda, or the neo-fascism ushered in by the horizontal alignment of big media, big pharma, big government and big corporations, fully exposed in the age of the mass COVID deception, humanity is in the grips of an intricately woven web of lies and misdirection that has helped to align each subset of humanity against itself while the controllers sit on high, pulling the strings.

Most in the truth movement have likely come to the conclusion that Donald Trump, decried Orange President of the West, has been engaged with these controllers in a theater of war that those who follow the mainstream have only been tangentially aware of.

But, much like Gondor in the Third Age of Middle Earth, Trump—and by extension, the United States—does not stand alone in this war with the increasingly desperate Deep State.

But rather than point you to the good patriots such as you and I that exist among all sovereign nations, or toward “on paper” allies from the World Wars and the Five Eye nations, I would instead point you to the only other nation that the Globalist powers are unified in their hatred of, their fear of, and their venom toward. The only other nation that has suffered more attempts at foreign subversion, color revolution and corporate media blitzkrieg’s than the American nationalist movement that sparked in earnest during the 2016 election cycle.

I am talking, of course, about Russia.

Yes. Big bad Russia. Home of ice bears and Siberian prisons. Land of stoic men and aloof women. Empire of invisible BUT DEFINITELY REAL collusion. Source of an endless threat of war that never quite seems to spark. Eventual provocateur of the War that was foretold, and one that will be arriving any day now.

Doom of the West. Scourge in the East.

But … if you’ve made it this far through my musings on truth, and more importantly, lies, a wry smile might have spread across your face as you consider the mirror images in the East and the West. The Great Eagle of America and the Proud Tiger of Russia. Two of the most resource-rich nations on the planet, with two of the greatest standing armies, the most intense, highly trained militaries on the planet, and the two most staunch, dauntless nationalist movements in the world—the twin envies and blights on the Globalist agenda on this Earth, the immovable enemies of the European Union and massive, gnawing thorns in the sides of NATO and the World Health Organizations.

In the following series of articles, I do not plan to present to you the real, god’s honest truth of Vladimir Putin and Russia as I know it. Instead, I plan to examine the paradigm of Russia we exist in today—a carefully constructed web of aligned lies that have painted a nation whose core values should align closely with Western nationalists, and yet, who we have been told to hate, fear and distrust by the very same handlers and purveyors of truth who have been lying to us for our whole lives.

From the Prussian subversion that led up to the Bolshevik Revolution, to the Ukrainian Revolution to the recent buildup of tensions in Eastern Europe, to the media blitzkrieg on a soccer ball handoff between the two great deceivers of the modern world, we are going to examine what we’ve been told of Russia, and we’re going to see if we’re dealing with the only bit of truth the controllers have let us see through their veil of lies, or if Russia isn’t quite the boogeyman we’ve been led to believe.

After all, I can think of no greater story than an alliance of East and West, and no more terrifying a nationalistic, sovereign pincer for the Globalist Deep State to be caught in than one between the talons of an eagle and the fangs of a tiger.

No matter what you come away from this series thinking about the Tiger in the East, I hope to provoke a fresh examination of the image of prime evil the mainstream media has put all its subversive might behind, and contrast it with what you know to be true, and what you feel to be right. At the end of this series, whatever you think of the Old Tsar’s and the New, I am confident that you will be tantalized more by the potential of Righteous Russia and a Resurgent America than you will be cowed by a Second Coming of the Soviet Union.

To close this opening, let us employ the Socratic Method for a bit of clarity.

Who is the Enemy of all Sovereign Nations?

Who is the Deep State? Who are the Globalists?

What World Leaders are the Globalists aligned against?

Who is the Enemy of my Enemy?

Continue on to Righteous Russia – Part 1

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