March 20, 2022 

Pence was in on the devolution planning so I can’t see him being anything other than a patriot.

Milley was in on the planning too and is playing a role as an advisor and Judas goat in the Biden administration too.

March 20, 2022 

Pence on Jan 6 did exactly what he was supposed to do. Allow the senators to debate the electors in alphabetical order according to the constitution. They began the Arizona electors debate and Ted Cruz protested the election in Arizona.

That’s when it was announced the pipe bombs were found (convenient timing) and they began evacuating Congress.

Dem operatives immediately breached the capital in their fake coup operation.

Trump and Pence both knew what their plans were ahead of time. The media used every staged image to fool the normies into thinking Trump incited violence. They planned to have media images of Pence “fleeing for his life” but Pence refused to evacuate and instead bunkered down.

Then congress was called back into session to complete the process. Commit the crime.

The democrats immediately demonized anybody who didn’t condemn the violence and because of that there were no more protests against electors and the election was certified.

Exactly what Trump had planned.

Trump wanted to be right where we are now.

Destroying the democrat party and about to reveal the nationwide conspiracy to steal the election with help from China in order to permanently fix all elections permanently

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Sounds like a broken man, a trapped man, looking for an exit. 


Here’s the audio of Hunter Biden panicked about a criminal investigation. He’s flipped in my opinion.


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FIRST INDICTMENT [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening. 

First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.

They will fight but you are ready.

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What if the first major arrest is Hunter Biden?


Think about it.

Sussman was indicted and as Hillary’s lawyer he points straight to her.

And if Hunter gets indicted who does he point straight to?

Wouldn’t that panic the democrat party and freak the media out because their narrative has been that the Hunter laptop is a Russian hoax.

But the New York Times just admitted the laptop is real.

Getting ahead of the story.


Spit Ball 

We know Trump let them steal the election so Biden and the democrats could take full control of the government and take all the blame for everything happening.

But remember that Trump helped Biden win the democrat primary.

He was the perfect candidate if you wanted to completely destroy the democrat party.

Completely corrupt.

Tied to money laundering in Ukraine along with many other politicians.

Tied to corruption with China.

If Hunter has already flipped and he suddenly gets indicted, Joe Biden suddenly becomes a major focus to normies.

Normies learn from “the media” who can no longer ignore the story that Biden is really corrupt and tied to Ukraine just as the election fraud is also exposed.

Precipice for the normies might be a lot of indictments of democrats.

All planned?



pat·​sy | \ ˈpat-sē \

plural patsies

Definition of patsy

: a person who is easily manipulated or victimized : PUSHOVER

Is Biden the perfect patsy?

If you could pick one person to be the head of the democrat party that you want to destroy could you come up with someone better than Biden?

He’s as corrupt as Hillary. He’s a puppet like Obama and hates the constitution.

He’s a pervert that is creepy around little girls.

He also is suffering from dementia with an anger problem.

Democrat millstone


I think you’re exactly right! The media is going to be “forced” to report on things they have ignored or called conspiracy theories.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch.