Adam Carter posts on Telegram:

“It’s so much worse than that. The CIA recruited a lot of them from around the world from places like Brazil. They were nothing more than a street gang during the 2014 coup. The US then demanded they be incorporated into the national guard and a new national police force, and given disproportionate levels of leadership and high-ranking positions of power throughout their national security state.

We’ve been supporting this nonsense. Freakin’ Nazis.”

Brian Cates adds:

“And right after Trump won the election in Nov. 2016, the very next month McCain and Graham and Klobuchar make that trip to Ukraine where they exhort these goons to provoke Putin and attack him hard.  And they did it on video.”  – Brian Cates

Президент України Петро Порошенко разом з американськими сенаторами під Широкіно