March 23, 2022

Spit Ball

What’s it going to take to wake up the normies and when will it happen?

The Great Awakening

Normies don’t really like politics and choose not to follow it closely and instead just go about their daily lives.
Because to them, everything happening is just politics.
We know they’re paying a little more attention than normal because Biden and the democrats poll numbers are in the toilet.

So how do you change their attitude and get them to join us in demanding change of everything?

You force the media to cover things that they are ignoring or spinning and you “show” them that it’s war not politics.

Trump and those around him have been setting the table for the normies precipice moment since the election steal.

What will the media be forced to cover?
How about AG Brnovich indicting the Secretary of State in AZ and other election officials?
How about Arizona decertifying their election?
How about other AG’s and other states joining them?
What if Hunter Biden gets indicted for crimes linked to his father?
What if Elias, the top democrat lawyer involved in everything gets indicted?
Then Hillary for framing Trump on Russian collusion?
What about the Supreme Court finally taking a case from a state legislature(Arizona) and then tossing the whole election because of massive evidence of a conspiracy of fraud?

When the election is overturned it will trigger the military to step in and take control of the entire country publicly.
The normies will be shown that it’s war not politics as mass arrests happen across the country for a conspiracy of treason.
Because it’s war, the military will arrest a lot of media members as traitors and will control the media including social media.
They will speak with one voice, telling the normies the truth and exposing all the corruption.
The democrat party will not exist when this is over.

All these things will bring the normies to the precipice and be the Great Awakening.

It’s coming my friends.
Be patient and keep spreading truth and encouragement.


Not all the normies will accept it. We’ve all seen tweets by vaccinated on their deathbeds blaming the unvaccinated for their demise, stubbornly refusing to believe the vax was the problem all along.

Likewise, there will come a day where gray haired academics and nice old lady librarians and nerdy little soy boys will be crying to a military judge about how unfair it is that they are going to prison because they will proclaim they were “doing the right thing” when they, themselves, were stuffing ballots into boxes.

No matter how all this information comes out, there will be those that will claim this is all a propaganda campaign leading up to Dictator Trump’s military coup.

4-6% will be truly LOST FOREVER. – E. Larson, Telegram


Vaccination mandates, climate hysteria, open borders, critical race theory, transgenderism, transhumanism, inflation, and the push to start Word War III might make you think the world is hopelessly lost. 

But if you look at these things from the 30,000 foot view, they’ll make you smile.

The puppet masters thought they had many years in which to gradually foist their agenda on the world. But something unexpected happened. 

Trump became president and set their plans back decades. 

The frantic rush to destroy society and usher in the Great Reset is evidence that they know they don’t have much time. They’re racing against the clock. 

Every evil issue they push only wakes more people up. They didn’t want to do it this quickly, but they had no choice. 

They know Trump is coming back.

And with his return comes the storm that will destroy them. – Praying Medic


If you want to know the reason why Putin went into Ukraine, this video tells it. Don’t get me wrong. Putin is a bad guy but, he does not want this in his country and Ukraine is the headquarters of all of this global reset stuff. – Nailing it to the Cross, Telegram