Brent D. Cates62

The “smoke and mirrors” of strategic deception being dispensed to the Western Media Stenographers is so high right now from ALL governments involved in the Ukraine War it’s at the highest point in human history.


Understand that whatever’s happening in the Ukraine is NOT separate from what’s slowly being revealed as the Taliban solidify their authority & control over the Afghan Nation as the final remnants of the REPUGNANTLY corrupt former Afghan Government are expunged from office.

Who saw THIS coming?

Expect to see a sharp increase in the price of opium from the criminal organizations involved in the creation & smuggling of fentanyl as their stockpiles run dry.

From Afghanistan, China & Mexico all the way to their US distributors the Drug Pipeline to American Druggie population just took a significant hit.

People yapping in social media about the Deep State launching some military venture to recover Afghanistan from the Taliban to re-secure their illegal revenue stream clearly don’t grasp WHO the Taliban are & how they do business.

And now the Taliban have a modern military and are learning how to use it EFFECTIVELY at lightspeed.

(WHO is showing them how to do that, btw? Ah well, never mind)

This is going to force the Islamists, Triads & Cartels to relocate their opium farms to another SECURED Country where they can reestablish what they just lost to the Taliban.

Probably in South or Central America.

But that may take a year or two.

Just one more very odd occurrence happening after Trump’s DOHA Agreement was solidified & agreed to by the Taliban.

Despite everything the Biden State Department & the VILE Afghan Government did to ruin or stop it.

Including letting that ISIS Asshole out of prison who then promptly murdered over 160 Afghans Civilians and thirteen of our Soldiers.


(The ISIS Prick was let out on PURPOSE in the hopes he’d do exactly what he did)

This and about 200 other absolutely SHITTY & underhanded things were done in that last week as the US Military “fled” Afghanistan to try to FORCE the agreement to collapse.

Thank Heavens BOTH SIDES saw right through THE GLOBALIST’S attempts & held firm to what they’d agreed upon, the PUBLIC and the PRIVATE parts of DOHA.

Banning the Opium Trade is clearly one of the private parts of the Agreement We are only finding out about AFTER it’s happened.

As was “accidentally” leaving them a start up modern military to assist them in solidifying their borders for the first time in their history.

Except for what I believe was a deliberately contrived Terrorist attack by the Globalist GHOULS no other Americans have died in that disastrous pullout.

Where are the videos of Americans being murdered or held hostage?


Now the people of Germany are finding out their food prices are SKYROCKETING anywhere from twenty to FIFTY per cent overnight.

As a result of the EU’s reactionary & clearly not thought out sanctions on Russia the PAIN apparently is being keenly felt by the sanctioning Nations.

Including the US as WE are being told to prepare for our own skyrocketing food prices as well as shortages of basic necessities as our supply chain collapses under the strain of their PLANdemic, Great Reset & now Russian sanctions.

Things sound pretty dire, huh?P

Who want’s super high gas prices & food shortages when we all know America is SWIMMING in food and oil?

Everything we are experiencing is CONTRIVED.