Those of us red pilled already have waited a long time but our numbers have also grown.

But this isn’t about those who are actually red pilled. It never has been.

It’s about the normies who don’t like or follow politics that still make up the large majority of the population. They just go about their normal lives and think everything happening is just politics so they barely pay attention.

But that’s all about to change.

The storm isn’t here yet but it’s close.

What’s the storm?

All media, both on the left and the right will be reporting on and focused on massive indictments.

Hunter Biden, Marc Elias, Hillary, Secretary of State Hobbs in Arizona.

There will be no way to avoid these stories which paint the entire democrat party as corrupt.

Then the election is exposed to the normies as corrupt and gets overturned.

The entire political landscape will change quickly and once that election is overturned the military takes over and controls the entire media narrative as mass arrests happen.

This is what’s coming.

It will shock them like nothing imaginable.

The Great Awakening

–Joe Lange, Spitballers

— More from Joe:

That’s how I see it too.

Obama and the cabal thought they could control him but then Hunter left the laptop with all the evidence of the family’s crimes.

I think on purpose cause he knew the criminal investigation was serious and didn’t want to take the fall.

That forced Biden, his wife and brother to cut a deal. I think there are Judas goats in the Biden administration that are sabotaging it with horrible advice in order to completely destroy the democrat party.

I think proof of that was the video footage of Obama at the White House gathering not just ignoring Biden but purposely disrespecting him.

It was an opportunity to lift Biden and the democrats poll numbers and instead Obama was angry and spiteful.

Nobody can convince me that the cabal or Obama’s plan was to destroy the democrat party and that’s exactly what Biden is doing.

Clearly we’ve leveraged him in my opinion