Elon’s twitter war continues.

They offer to let him on the board IF he agrees to keep ownership under 15%… and he turns them down.

This one piece of the CEO’s notice interests me👆

This CEO is losing control of the company and their censorship mission. He’s telling people to ignore Elon’s distractions and that execution “is in our hands”… so they can carry on doing what they want.

We’ll see what happens…

Musk filed filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicating he will keep criticizing the platform and demanding change, leading to speculation he is going to execute a hostile takeover.

IF he does… THEN you can be sure he’s already executed options agreements with numerous parties and locked up more shares. People hoping to run up the price and make it too expensive for him are gonna find out he already made his moves.

What’s crazy is it appears Musk would only need a about 6% of his net worth to get to 51%, if he feels like doing it 🤷‍♂️ (16 billion out of 270 billion net worth)

With even less $ he could execute vote control (proxy) agreements… letting people hold onto their shares, but give the voting rights to him.

Not predicting what he WILL do.