One of my favorite visitors to this site, “AnOldPieceOfLeather” always has something of value to add to the conversation in our comment section.

Like this:

If YOU are taking this war serious you have to utilize critical thinking.

I’m just gonna drop these off here:

Those of you who didn’t know about this and have a pulse might have the bejeebers scared out of you.

Between Vanguard, BlackRock and StateStreet is ownership of 90% of *all* companies.

Vanguard is the *largest* mutual fund management company *in the world*.

All three of the above entities have direct connections with the worlds’ deep state cabal. Now go read the links to find out more frightening and horrific information about those entities who have direct participation in driving Klaus Schwabs’ ‘GREAT RESET’.

There is a BUNCH more in the rabbit hole. Dive in. If you want to investigate further USE duckduckgo. Search for ‘who owns Vanguard and BlackRock’ or something similar.

I recommend that you are sitting down when you do this, not wandering around with a cell phone.

And you thought all DJT was fighting for is “draining the swamp and catching crooked, criminal, pedophile politicians, stopping pedophilia and child trafficking.

Most people have no idea of how mind-boggling this massive task is.

What is NOT needed is sarcastic, negative, pessimistic couch potatoes who have done absolutely NOTHING to help in this war making thoughtless remarks about how long it’s taking, what methods are being used and the gymnastics required for those to be effective. Those types aren’t capable of critical thinking and frankly are oxygen-wasters.

We ARE going to win. Evil, as always, eventually fails.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

**** Mark L. – Your broker or whoever put you into Vanguard mutual funds is the next rung up from you and you are on the bottom. Don’t waste your time emailing. Those powers at the top could care less about us.