Rogue Patriot:

Brian Cates- You really need to move on. Stay in Your lane- Politics. You know Nothing about Medical or Big Pharma. Move On.

Brian Cates:

I researched what happens to snake venom in the water.  

If Ardis didn’t do that before he appeared in a video that got MILLIONS OF VIEWS where he claimed people were being poisoned by the water, that’s his problem.  

Stomach acid breaks down snake venom and renders it harmless.  

He didn’t do his due diligence.  

Then on top of that, he turned out to have rather novel view of President Trump, something that, if most of the audience had known beforehand, they would’ve been more hesitant to grant instant authority figure status.  

Save your advice about what I need to do or talk about or report on.  

Peer pressure doesn’t work on me, something I’ve been happy to prove to thousands of people over the years.

If Stew Peters and “Dr.” Bryan Ardis had done any real testing, if they’d subjected the “poisoned by snake venom in the water” hypothesis to any standard of medical or scientific scrutiny, they would’ve never advanced some of the claims they made in “Watch The Water”.  

Ardis has now already turned on Stew Peters, claiming he was taken out of context or had a speculation blown up into the main point of the video. 

This is why you have to be careful who you grant -or are told to grant – authority figure status.  

Either through sheer incompetence or in a hurry to get clicks and rake in $$$ from a new supplement line, nobody seems to have stopped and tested the speculations and theories first before putting them out there in a hyped-to-the-moon video that ended up confusing a lot of people.  

The fact Ardis was already backing off his venom in the water supply claims the very next day in an interview with Ann Vandersteel tells you how stable these claims are.  

But if my asking hard questions and covering this makes you uncomfortable, let me go on the record here: 




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