Tom Rogan
Re Capitol Police alert. A military aircraft (call sign GKA264/DHC-6 type utility use) is running circuits near the Capitol. But that’s the only aircraft in area on radar. Some military may have transponders off. Came out of Andrews AFB, history shows normally around Pope AFB.

JUST IN – US Capitol issues alert: “Evacuate now: aircraft intrusion”

It looks like there is a small Army plane (carrying the parachute team) circling the Capitol right now.

Mullah Atari

@TomRtweets It’s military appreciation night at Nationals Park. Would make sense if it’s the Golden Knights or something, jumping into the stadium.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the LEAST if the Biden admin screwed this up THAT badly. – Tracy Beanz

Craig Caplan

Update from US Capitol Police: “The Capitol was evacuated out of an abundance of caution this evening. There is no threat at the Capitol. More details to come.”

Yup they did. – Tracy Beanz