A spitballer writes:

Listening to full interview again, Miller seemed to emphasize that Ukraine does not need people… they’ll do their own fighting. I wonder if getting that message out was his goal for interview.

I’m astounded that a former SECDEF traveled into a hot war zone, met with “extremely high level military, intelligence, and political figures”, and is publicly talking about it.   

Following the Pompeo and Grenell international tours, these are huge diplomatic visits and the media says nothing?  Booming silence. 

Miller said he was there under the auspices of the Freedom Research Foundation – an example of a distributed organization which Patel Patriot covered in Part 13 Shadow Government.  …in a war zone.

In my opinion, this open visit sends a clear message to a lot of different audiences – the legitimate government-in-exile won’t let this go too far despite the incompetence and subversion of the Biden shitshow.  This visit is another huge devolution signal.

I admit I’m confused by his support for Ukraine and his warning to Putin.  I am forced to rethink my premise that Putin is fighting against globalist NWO forces…why is SECDEF supporting a globalist government?  I’m confused.