I’m tip toeing over to TRUTH Social to see if Kash Patel is still up. Wanna come with me?



Looks like he was there earlier this evening.

He retweeted a pic by Dan Scavino. Space Force. Clue. Can you guess what this photo is telling us? Anons will know right away. Are you an anon?

And then being THAT guy with a great sense of humor and an engaging laugh, Kash reTruthed (reposted) this:

If you’re not yet on TRUTH Social but have registered OR you have an Android phone, don’t fret. Folks are still arriving and finding their seats. There’s more happening on Telegram than anywhere else, in my opinion. I’m being selective about who I follow, thus I’m not seeing a gush on my feed. But quality over quantity and the stars of the new media are already emerging and those are the citizen investigative journalists I want to be reading.

Kash and Devin and @q are keeping the fires burning and the tom toms beating over there until THE LION roars onto the scene.

And then it’s anyone’s guess what it will be like at TRUTH Social. A freakin’ party the likes of which we haven’t seen since we attended a Trump rally. Yeehaw!