I sure hope he’s right.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shut down concerns that new Sunshine State residents could change the political demographics of the state. 

DeSantis sought to temper any speculation from “supporters” that new Florida residents fleeing from Democratic states could vote the same in Florida, arguing that the state has seen a surge in Republican voters.

“I’ve had more Republicans move into Florida than Democrats move into Florida, and so, that’s pretty significant,” DeSantis said Monday. “I think what that’s telling me is that people are very sensitive to the state governments that they live under. I think COVID opened a lot of people’s eyes because, literally, who your governor was, was the difference between your kid even being able to go to school at all.”

While shutting down any speculation that Florida could see a political shift to the left anytime soon, DeSantis said there was some “cause for concern,” looking at recent trends of California-based companies relocating to Texas. 

“So, you’d have companies move from San Francisco to Austin, and they’d bring hundreds of employees with them. And those employees would vote the exact same way they voted that turned San Francisco into the dumpster fire that it is,” DeSantis said.

Several Big Tech companies have announced their plans to leave Silicon Valley or build new branches in Texas, including Elon Musk, who moved Tesla’s headquarters from Palo Alto to Austin last year. Musk struck a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter on Monday and could decide to move the company’s San Francisco headquarters. 

In a since-deleted tweet earlier this month, Musk asked followers if the headquarters should become a “homeless shelter since no one shows up anyway,” according to Cal Matters


Despite fewer California companies announcing a move to Florida, the Sunshine State ranked a top state people moved to in 2021, according to a study by United Van Lines.