From Misty G on Telegram:

Kash gives us a look into the FISA courts. They’re used for National Security such as terrorism and espionage overseas, but the court is not supposed to be used in America. 

Kash said he was the guy screaming the loudest for reform, when he found out [they] were bastardizing it. 

Obama’s IG of the DOJ issued 3 reports about the FISA courts. The applications had over 1,000 errors in 1,000 FISA applications. They were purposely withholding information for political purposes.

The corruption happened mostly under Comey and Chris Wray. When hit with incontrovertible facts, they would act like they wanted reform. The IG can’t reform the FISA courts, only Congress can. 
Kash and Devin had 17 recommendations for reform in the RussiaGate report. The FISA court shouldn’t be so secret. Why not have an Attorney, who’s a National Security guy representing the target? The FISA courts don’t even have court reporters. 
When they know these things are being done, the characters can’t act corruptly…Then they won’t get caught like they did with Durham. 

Who wants Kash as the next FBI Director to clean house?