The leak is nothing short of an attempt to foment violence & use the threat of violence to change the court’s decision. This is Terrorism, the textbook definition of Terrorism.

Challenge Authority.

Question Everything.

Be Led By No One.

Maintain Your Autonomy.

Research For Yourself.

Trust No One.

Verify Always.

Be An Individual.

Safeguard Your Personal Freedom.

Ignore/Defy Unjust Laws.

Engage In Civil Disobedience.

Become Ungovernable.

Resist Groupthink.

Stand Firm.

Accept Nothing.

Fight Back.

Never Quit.



Speak Truth to Liars.

Counter Propaganda.

Smash The System.

Unite With Allies.

Recruit People.

Build Our Army.

Paralyze The Machine.


The left is losing the middle.

And that’s the tree that bears the most fruit.

Elon Musk being cheeky again asking “Who funds these organizations that want to control your access to information? and when provided with the Open Society Foundation and George Soros then proceeded to say ‘I will call him [George Soros] and ask.”

Elon then went on to ask George Soros to DM him.

Here’s hoping 🤞🏻

Dan The Man on Facebook just now. Same as Elon.

Welcome to Boom Week.