I know how damaging leaks can be… my name was not only “unmasked” over 50 times by senior USG officials for no apparent reason other than to spy on an American citizen but a very sensitive and very legitimate phone call was leaked by “nine USG sources” to the WAPO solely to hurt me and to damage the presidency of the United States of America all to incite the Left to further drive the attempted coup of trump’s first term (all history altering events).

And now we face another unprecedented set of circumstances with this judicial leak by what is likely an inside source solely to damage the rule of law in our country  even more (if that is possible).

The further down the road we allow the Left to take us, the more difficult it will be to recover and the more sacrifices that will be required.

The Supreme Court can investigate itself and Justice Roberts needs to immediately announce that it will. No more hiding behind the cloak. Even judges and justices work for the American people. It is through our democracy and our republic form of government that we have elected officials to form our government, therefore our way of life. We need all hands on deck to get involved in this experiment in democracy, otherwise, we face losing everything to a tyrannical and overreaching federal government.

I’ve become such a profound believer in LOCAL ACTION…by getting deeply involved in your local communities, we truly can have a NATIONAL IMPACT 🙏🏼🇺🇸

May God bless and protect America 🇺🇸

Always remember: There is no honor amongst thieves.

—Tracy Beanz