50 of Trump’s 55 primary endorsements won the primaries, 5 are in a run off. Unprecedented. More than 70% of his candidates openly assert the 2020 election was stolen. 

There is no question Republicans are storming the House this midterm. Both history (party opposite of elected POTUS generally takes Congress following the election) and all the Democrat analytics point to this landslide. Now add 2000 Mules saturating the body politic heading into November, MOAR “joint venture conspiracy” Durham, and David Weiss laptop investigation. 

Thing is, even if States decertify today, as the Special Counsel in WI is demanding for example, the federal legislature has to acknowledge it to effect the federal election. Today, zero chance. Post November when Patriots who know the election was stolen control Congress? Bingo. 

And if the legislatures (plenary power) overturn the election, any form of government or judiciary that attempts to block it will meet by the US military and the US military has a constitutional duty to defend and protect the will of the American People.

I think Truth Social and the Trump encouraged-advised Elon purchasing of Twitter has set the deck for Free Speech (free information flow, Truth) as the Durham indictments roll, 2000 Mules saturates, and Patriots take back the Congress.

Which leaves two things:

1. The best is yet to come; and

2.  NCSWIC (Justice)