Dr. Aaron Kheriaty: “Transparency is a basic principle of public health ethics. It was violated over and over with a mass vaccination campaign, and particularly with the vaccine mandates, where people were not allowed to exercise informed consent, both because they were under the threat of school expulsion… or losing their job, and even if they weren’t under a mandate, they still didn’t have access to all the relevant information.”


All Hell Breaks Out At Apple China Factory As Workers Clash With Guards Over Lockdowns


Chaos broke out at Apple’s MacBook factory in China after hundreds of employees clashed with authorities and jumped isolation barriers following weeks of intense lockdowns, reported Bloomberg, citing local media sources. 

Radio Free Asia (RFA) China posted a video early Friday morning showing an uprising of hundreds of workers who were angered with the continuous “closed-loop production” (which means they were kept on-site and quarantined to keep production humming) at the MacBook factory in Shanghai, owned by Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. The incident reportedly occurred Thursday evening. 

“[Suspected of dissatisfaction with “closed-loop production” epidemic prevention is too strict] [Quanta’s Shanghai plant was shocked to hear that employees “rioted”] Shanghai Dafeng Electronics, a subsidiary of Shanghai Quanta, which has just partially resumed work, experienced an employee “riot” on the evening of Thursday (5th).

“As seen in the video, hundreds of young employees did not obey the command, jumped over the gate and ran away, and rushed out of the blockade to clash with the guards. It is reported that employees are dissatisfied with the epidemic prevention and control and want to go out to buy civilian materials,” RFA China tweeted.