Brian Cates downloaded it and you can watch it for free here:

Nothing can stop what is coming.

It premiered Saturday night. Fox News lawyers have advised Fox against showing it.

You can watch it for free. I just did.


See yellow circled message below: “Let me view this content first”


TruthHammer comments on JuliansRum’s concern:

JuliansRum has a reasonable concern. Here’s my reply:

Brother, 2000Mules is a knowledge propagation issue. It will move in waves through something like this:

1) Core MAGA

2) Normie conservatives (who will wonder why Fox isn’t covering it)

3) Independents

4) Normie Dems 

It won’t convince any radical DEMs, but the damage will already be done.

The big dif between this, and BS like the PCAPS story, is those stories fizzled out when the promised evidence never showed up. This leads with easy to grasp evidence.


Brian Cates has a couple of questions:

Because this certainly appears to have been an organized effort to pay thousands of persons in multiple states to commit criminal acts that are felonies, wouldn’t that make the illegal ballot harvesting a federal issue? 

If so, shouldn’t the DOJ have US Attorneys in these states lead a criminal RICO probe of the persons who organized and funded this ballot box stuffing scheme?

FOX News lawyers won’t let them report on this! The R.I.P. chord will be pulled regardless!!!