The Keystone holds the answer. It’s coming.


PA = “Keystone” State.

Picture painted.

What does the Adm R line mean? What is No Such Agency and W & W?

  1. Adm R = Admiral Rogers
  2. No such agency = either the NSA or Space force (did not yet exist at time of drops).
  3. W & W = Wizards & Warlocks (military term) are the “guardians” of intelligence (good guys).

Space Force is cyber and outer space intelligence and defense with a self-appointed “Guardians” slogan.

I’m from PA. I get the Keystone part, but not following…

Q mentioned “keystone” and “keys” in the drops. There’s all sorts of speculation as to what they are. I’m from PA also, so the Keystone State was my first thought. But the clues have multiple meanings. Q also said that the future proves the past and that news unlocks the map. It may be a while before we know for sure what is meant here.

I remember right before 2020 general election, The Boss had a rally in Bath, PA and he called out Phila about cheating in the election. He said ” We’ re watching you Philadelphia.” He knew…he always knows.

Important clarity, there is only one drop where Q capitalized “Keystone,” this one (270):

The only keystone capitalization I know of in common use is the “Keystone” state.

The fact that True The Vote intelligence (GEOINT) used the Keystone State to highlight their most robust forensic evidence of the mass criminal operation (joint venture conspiracy) that overthrew both the will of the People and the United States gov’t is the underscore. 

The Plan.

Military OP.


Camp Justice at Guantanamo is getting ready for the military tribunals.

VIDEO: 2021 revisit, Catherine Herridge on Camp Justice construction to handle classified information, DESPITE resident Biden.

Opening in 2023 (perfect timing), the new larger GITMO courtroom will permit two military judges to hold proceedings (court-martial), simultaneously.

Smaller cases will be held in the new $4 million chamber.

This new construction will also provide a virtual gallery for witnessing trials and delayed broadcast for the public.

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